Silk Pillowcases

Create a luxurious look in your bedroom and feel the difference by sleeping on the highest quality Mulberry silk pillowcases.  All our silk pillowcases are made by hand to ensure they are finished to the highest standard. The perfect gift for everyone.

Silk is the perfect choice to rest your head on as it is allergy safe. It also regulates your body temperature, so you no longer have to switch to the cool side of the pillow. Its soft and smooth properties create less friction than synthetic fibres, which is better for your skin and hair. No matter your colour scheme, we have a range of pillowcases. From ivory to black, we help you create that perfect look in your bedroom. They also wash at 30 degrees in standard washing machines, making cleaning quick and simple. 
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Silk-filled pillows

white pillow
Rest your head in true comfort on one of our luxurious silk-filled pillows. You’ll enjoy night after night of peaceful slumbers because of the natural properties our silk pillows have to offer. Containing pure silk floss, our silk pillows have a 300 thread count and a cotton sateen case, making them the highest quality. Not only is our silk super soft, but it is also breathable and surprisingly durable, making it an investment you won’t regret. Enjoy the low maintenance properties of our silk-filled pillows which are easily freshened up by airing outside and are machine washable at 30 degrees.

Our silk pillows is a 100% silk-filled pillow which offers firm support to your neck throughout the night. For ultimate relaxation when your head hits the pillow, use this fabulous wrapped in our silk pillowcase.