Over 20 Years Of Experience In Hotel Quality Bedding

Hotel Quality Bedding

“A good sleep, for a great day,” a phrase we covet here at Beds of a Feather. So what makes for a good night’s sleep? There are many factors that influence your sleep; the lighting in the room, the sounds around you, your stress levels, eating habits and so much more. But there is a starting point to building a strong foundation for a good sleep and that’s, high quality bedding

Beds of a Feather started as I, the founder, bought a featherbed in the US that I cherished for many years. I later discovered, on my return to Ireland, that featherbeds didn’t exist here. In an attempt to bring luxury bedding sets and comfort to this beautiful Island, I set about manufacturing them. It soon became clear that the quality of the materials that went into making these products was the key to lasting comfort. To achieve excellence in Irish bedding, it had to be made of the best materials from the get-go, no shortcuts and lots of learning. 

Why am I telling you this you might ask? Well, it is on this journey that I discovered the secret to hotel quality bed linen. When I first started selling my wares, it became clear to me that people did not wish to compromise on quality when it came to bedding so it was my duty to ensure that I provide comfort and quality above all else. 

How Do We Ensure Luxury Bedding?

At Beds of a Feather we ensure luxury and quality of sleep from the very beginning by using the absolute best of raw materials. We are fortunate to be able to source raw materials from right here in Ireland, County Monaghan, to be exact. To guarantee that all of our materials are allergy and asthma safe, they undergo an extensive cleaning process, ensuring a 100% hygienically clean product that secures a Superior Class 1 rating. We never use anything less than Class 1 and all of our products are NOMITE, OEKO TEX and DUNTRACK certified.

Long staple cotton is used in our linens and we source organic, Irish and Fair Trade cotton to ensure best practice. The same can be said for our mattresses, sourced right here in County Meath, always with natural fills and of course, pocket sprung, that’s a blog all in itself.

In a nutshell, it’s the materials that make up high quality bedding, we just put it together extremely well. 

Hotel Quality Bedding 

Now that you know how we manufacture our luxury bedding, you can guess how we got started in supplying hotels. Have you ever slept in a hotel, stretched out on that bed, curled up in the linens, and just floated away? That’s because a good hotel invests in good bedding. Chances are, if you have an uncomfortable sleep, you won’t return so it is in their best interest to provide you with the best. 

When Beds of a Feather first started, we were fortunate that we took off on the right foot, ensuring quality from the start. It was in these early days that a customer visited our store and bought bedding for her houses abroad. We then struck up a wonderful partnership, in which we supplied many of her hotels with high quality bedding and we haven’t looked back since. 

To this day, I spend time each week in our shop, speaking to customers, meeting new people and most importantly listening to their wants and needs when it comes to a good night’s sleep. It is here where we learn, where we grow and how we continue to produce unrivaled luxury Irish bedding

Now, with over 20 years of experience, we continue to go from strength to strength, providing not only Ireland but the world with a little piece of luxury. A journey I am forever grateful for, thanks to my little featherbed.

Want to enquire with us about bedding or have any questions? Just get in touch and we’ll be happy to assist you in getting that luxury sleep you deserve.

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