A Healthy Sleep for a Great Day

Your bed is your sanctuary and you spend a third of your life in bed, make sure it’s the very best you can afford.”

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We’re allergy
and asthma safe

We offer the ultimate
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Luxury of Silk

“Silk does for the body what diamonds do for the hand”

Oscar de la Renta

Soothing and luxurious, silk bedding provides a breathable and indulgent night’s sleep. It’s light, soft feel comforts the skin, while its natural properties wick away excess moisture from the body, keeping the body comfortable all night long.

Silk Accessories

Silk Bedding

Silk Pillows and Cases

A warm feeling of comfort, luxury you can feel forever

We are an 100% Irish owned company, who specializes in luxury and unique bedding. Using only natural materials all the bedding products are allergy and asthma safe.

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